Saturday, September 22, 2012


Saturday's are not one of my writing days, but I missed yesterday and decided to write today about the lawsuit Hobby Lobby filed against the Obama Healthcare Plan or ObamaCare.

Before I get started ranting, let me tell you up front that I do not believe the government has a right to tell us, as individuals or businesses, what we have to do or not do. What has happened to our freedoms this country was founded on? I feel it's time we, as Christians and individuals, stand up and be counted.

Hobby Lobby is built on Christian principles. It is family owned, by David Green, a devout Baptist. They close on Sunday, and make sure all the merchandise they sell is according to their beliefs. When ObamaCare mandated that the "morning after" pills be included in the insurance. Mr Green sued the government because it violated his religious beliefs.

I agree the "morning after" pills is a nice way to say abortion. I believe that life begins at conception. Apparently our government has no problem with killing babies before they have a chance to live. I don't usually get political, but this is our freedoms we are talking about. What is next?

What happens if Mr. Green does not get ObamaCare for his employees? He will have to pay, now get this, $1.3 million PER DAY fines! That will clear the national debt in a few days. Oh, I forgot. It's not a fine, it's a tax. Can you believe that?

What if you like Mr. Green refuse to get ObamaCare? You will be hit with this tax. Not as much as a business, but you will have to pay. I call this bullying, and I don't like it! I do not want to be bullied by any individual. It's not right, even if it is the government.

We can look at this as writers. Will the government eventually tell you not to have a Christian element in your books? Will they force Christian publishers to stop publishing clean books? Think about what could happen to your writing career.

I'm asking you this morning to support Hobby Lobby. I'm shopping there next week. I'm also asking you to look at where our government is headed. Is that what you really want? Think about it and then act. Go to and ready about this. It's time to take America back.


  1. AMEN to that Katt, more and more of our freedoms are being removed by taxes or fees and even some laws snuck into other bills..
    We recently had a Community Census Survey sent to us that ask way too many explicit ?? and then said if you did not fill out and return you could be fined or sent to jail-we have contacted a senator and hope there is a way we can get out of this. I hate to send in with bogus info but may do it if they say it is a must.
    Paula O

  2. Thanks Paula, I always appreciate your comments. It makes me angry to think of the things that can be done in the future. If the Democratic National Committee want to take "God" our of their agenda, then Christian writers will not be able to write very long. I'm going to contact my Congressmen and say what I've just said in this email. In fact, I may send it to them.