Friday, September 7, 2012


Nothing new is happening on our home front. It has rained this week, which was greatly needed. Wednesday night we had a good slow rain. We have green beans and okra coming in and it feels like summer all over again, except for the heat. Thankfully it is cooler today.

I'm reading The Victory Club by Robin Lee Hatcher. I'm not a big World War II fan, but this is very true to the era. It's probably more interesting when you haven't lived through it. I remember the shortage of sugar and rubber. I also remember my aunt and my mother painting a line on the back of their legs so it would look like they had on hose. Back then the hose had a seam down the back.

There are so many memories flooding back when I read the book. I guess I didn't realize the shortage of gas. We lived a mile from town, so we always walked. We walked to church, which was close by, and we walked to visit neighbors.

I was about five when the war ended. My memory is not all that good, but I do remember some things. My sister will probably tell me what I forgot. I do remember the blackout blinds. My mother was always afraid we would be bombed. Bless her heart, she lived in fear of everything.

We'll be at the hospital with our daughter and son-in-law Monday while he undergoes lung surgery. We're not sure when we will be home. It depends how  the surgery goes, and how he responds. I will try to let you know sometime Monday, but it may be Monday night.

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