Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Our guests today are William and Sarah Trent, Callie Trent, Jacob McGinnis, Susannah Cole, and Dr. Valentine Minor. 

KA: Thank you all for coming today. I think my readers will enjoy hearing a little about you since you will be in print soon.

William: Thank you. It's a pleasure to be here, but I have a lot of work to do. Can we hurry this along?

KA: We sure can, Mr. Trent. I'll only ask each of you one question. Tell me about Callie.

William: Callie is our oldest child, and a pretty little thing. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and stubborn as the day is long. She's honest and dependable and.....

KA: Let's give the others a chance to tell something. Mrs. Trent, can you tell me something about Callie?

Sarah: Callie is the best daughter a mother can have. She's eager to work and never complains. She's a hard worker and will make a wonderful school teacher.

KA: Thank you Mrs. Trent. Now, Callie, can you tell me a little about yourself.

Callie: (Staring suspiciously at Jacob) First I want to teach school. I love the Melungeon children, and I want to teach them and the adults to read and write. I don't want an arranged marriage. I want to find my own true love. 

KA: Thanks Callie. Now, Jacob, you have your turn. Can you tell us about Callie?

Jacob: Yes, ma'am. (He reaches over to take her arm and she jerks his hand away.) I love her. She's what I always wanted in a wife. When I saw her after I had made the marriage contract, I knew she was the one for me. She's what I always wanted in a wife. (Callie is shaking her head and glaring at him.) See, she loves me, she just doesn't know yet.

KA: Thank you, Jacob. Let's move along before you and Callie get in a fight. Susannah, tell me about Callie.

Susannah: She's the best friend a girl could have. She's never cared for frills and fashion, but she is a honest, true friend. If she did care for the proper decorum she wouldn't ....

KA: That's all right Susannah, let's leave that for the book. Now, Dr. Minor, you joined the Trent's after they left Rogersville, before they reached the settlement. You are the newcomer, right?

Dr. Val Minor: Yes, ma'am. I did join them in Rogersville. I share a cabin with Jacob McGinnis and hear a lot about Callie. She is a wonderful woman. She is very good with the Melungeon people. She is a caring person and the way she talked to the Collins boys, and calmed them down after the Indians beat them, is amazing. She's a jewel and a one of a kind.

KA: Thank you all for spending some time with my readers. Callie's Mountain will be out this fall. It will be on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. You can buy both on Amazon. I hope you will enjoy the book and learn a little about the Melungeon people and Callie.

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