Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 has been a good year for my family. I can't say it has been a bad year, much has happened to keep us busy and happy.

The year started with our son-in-law having surgery that was not successful. He did have the same surgery later, and it was successful. Most of the year, he suffered from results of the surgery. In August, another surgery was performed that seems to have taken care of most of his heart problems. We are so thankful to have good doctors who are willing to correct others mistakes.

The grandchildren have grown older. It doesn't seem like we should have a teenage granddaughter who is driving. Our oldest grandson entered middle school this year. It's sad not to have one that will crawl up in our laps, but that is the way we want it. We wouldn't want them to stay the same as they were. We want them to grow and learn to live in this world.

My husband has enjoyed fishing. This year he caught a 40 pound catfish. That was one big fish! Then a couple of days later, our oldest grandson caught a catfish weighing over nine pounds. I don't know whether Granddaddy or Chet was the happiest. That made both of their summers.

This year I published my first book. It has surprised me with the sales. Our publishing company, Mantle Rock Publishing has published three books this year. One fiction and two non-fiction were published. I can say I'm glad the first publishing is over. It was a learning experience.

2012 has been good. My health has improved because of a little pill called Vitamin B17. Thanks to Sandi Rog for encouraging me to take it. It has been a big help for my diverticulitis.

What does 2013 look like? Hopefully more books! Right now I am working on two. The next in the Melungeon Series should release this winter. I'm also working on one about the Georgia coast. I'm going to be doing a non-fiction about the church we attend. It will be a history of the church for the last 125 years. We will celebrate the church's anniversary in September. I'm anxious to start working on it. I've been doing research for the last in the Melungeon Series, and I'm anxious to start it.

We are also searching for authors who will be willing to take a leap of faith with us and our publishing company. Right now we are interested in Christian fiction. I'm willing to look any book that has a Christian element.

My prayer for you is a safe and happy New Year. 2013 can rock if we want it to.


  1. Love you, Kathy! Have a wonderful new year celebration!

  2. Same to you, Sandi. Love you and your family so much.