Wednesday, December 26, 2012


What makes up Christian Fiction? This is a question I have been dealing with for the last few days. I have read several books recently that I feel err from the word "Christian." Where do we are readers and writers draw the line?

For me, the manuscript should be Christ centered. To be Christ centered, it should be devoid of curse words or cussing as we call it in the South. The language should be something you would not be embarrassed for Christ to read it. God's name would not be used in vain in any slang or direct words.

The scenes should be decent without detail for sexual scenes, or anything that would discredit God. Explicit scenes of sex or nudity should be avoided. Oh, yes, I've been told this is life, and I'm a little too strict and straight-laced. Maybe I am, but that is the way I was taught from childhood.

Does using God's name in vain, sex, nudity, or cursing do anything for your book? Does it make it more interesting? I don't think so. The same thing can be said without using these words or scenes. To me it is degrading for the author to write something that borders on trash.

When I pick up a book, I want to be entertained, informed, and enlightened. I don't want to be shocked by the language and scenes. I see enough of this on television, even the evening news. I want to read something that will make me a better person. Not make me feel dirty for reading something so sordid.

Writers, think about the people you are writing for. Are you writing to encourage others? Are your writing to glorify God? I pray we all write clean books that will please God.

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