Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Yes, what do you do when you are in so much pain that you can barely stand it? That's what's happened to me lately. Let me tell you my story.

Last week I had a good booksigning at U-Save Drug Store in Rogersville, TN. Saw some old friends and made new one. Wonderful day! U-Save was our local drug store when we lived in Rogersville. Family owned and friendly. Not only can you get your prescriptions, you can buy gifts. They have a large collection of Precious Moments figurines and other collectibles. I was so thrilled when they let me come and sell my book. It was a wonderful experience.

After the booksigning, we went to Cumberland Falls State Park and Resort for a little rest and relaxation. We have been there several times and always enjoy the falls and the woods. When we arrived, my hip was hurting me so much, I had to rest for the rest of the evening. Thursday we went for a hike at the falls and I felt good walking. Sitting and laying were my problems. How much rest can you get standing and walking? Not much.

We left Friday morning and it was torture riding home. About halfway, we spotted South Union Shaker Village. I had always wanted to go, and I needed to walk, so we toured the Village for about two hours. If you are around Russellville, KY, please stop by and visit the site. The history and the furniture is worth it.

Yesterday I did go to the doctor. I hope to hear from the x-rays soon. I did receive a steroid shot, which I hate to take, but it has relieved the pain some. I am also on pain medication,which is not helping that much. The pain is still there. I have found I can stand at my island in the kitchen and write on the computer. At least that is less pain.

This week I am on www.infinitecharacters.com. Drop by. I'll be giving away an ebook copy of Callie's Mountain. I didn't get on much yesterday, but I'm headed that way now. The owner of the site is talking about independent publishing. Should be interesting. Have a wonderful day.


  1. Sorry that you have been laid low for awhile and esp at this busy time of year. wishing you better health and Merry Christmas with your family..

    Paula O

  2. Thanks Paula. I am feeling a little better today. Need to get a tree up sometime. Merry Christmas to your family also.