Monday, December 17, 2012


No, I'm not going to sing, or tell you what I am getting for Christmas. Honestly, I want to be with my family, and I don't need anything else but that. I want a healthy and happy Christmas. No frills, no gimmicks, just a good day with family.

I was surfing Amazon Friday and found a new book by Christine Lynxwiler. It is only on ebook, and the cost was cheap, so I clicked and brought it to my Kindle. I've known Christine for a long time and love her writing. She has a witty style, and this book was no exception.

I laughed and I cried when I read the book. Yes, I shed tears, and you will too if you are very emotional. It seems Penny is a "in control woman." Her Christmas is planned, and she doesn't want anyone to upset it, but her husband does when he tells her they are taking a road trip in a RV. Get the picture? She and their two materialistic children are so upset that their plans have been changed, but what happens on the trip is a change in all their lives. It's such a good feeling book. I'm so glad Christine wrote it. Here's what the Amazon blurb says.
My True Love Gave To Me. . .

2005 American Christian Fiction Writers' Book of the Year - Novella Category --- Skipping Christmas meets RV in this funny, heartwarming novella. Penny Lassiter has a comfortable holiday routine with her family and friends--until her husband gets laid off from work and seemingly undergoes a personality transplant. When he comes home with a travel atlas and the keys to a borrowed RV, he turns her cookie-cutter Christmas plans into perfect chaos. She has no choice but to buckle herself and the kids in for a crazy cross-country ride that defies all of her expectations and redefines her priorities in a way she has never imagined. 

SHORT EXCERPT: "I gritted my teeth and shifted the cardboard box against the spindly pull-down attic ladder. Whoever invented these contraptions obviously hadn’t considered that people would be going up and down the narrow steps with their arms full. 

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