Thursday, June 27, 2013


This has been a busy week. We spent the first part in Indiana visiting my cousin. We had a nice visit and look forward to going back again. We saw parts of the country we hadn't seen before. It was restful for me, but I did a little synopsis work on a couple of books.

I'm going to gear my writing to some contemporary. From what I've heard lately that is the way the business is moving. I'm sure there will always be historical books written, but the publishing companies are looking for more contemporary books. It's hard for me to write those, but that was the first book I every started to write.

Somewhere along the line, someone told me the book wouldn't sell. I became discouraged and began writing historical books.I think I thought I couldn't write contemporary, so I put it aside. I had written the book in several different versions. One with a widowed mother and small children, then I changed it to an unmarried woman with children, and now I'm doing a single woman with no children, no love life, just a career. The one with the unmarried children was a change of heart book, or a book where she saw the error of her ways and came back to God. I can see something like that happening, but that was the one I was told by an agent it would not sell.

Since I've finished Susannah, I'm thinking of other things to do. I do have Emily to do, but it can wait a while. Right now I need to finish a book I am writing for the church. Our congregation will be 125 years old in September. One of our members had a book for himself put together, and I'm writing it to publish for the church. It is a little more time-consuming, but well worth it. I'm learning so much about the early days of the church in this part of Kentucky, and also about the Reformation Era.

My husband and I talked last night about going to the Cane Ridge Revival in August. It is moving to be in the same place where Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone, and others preached. We've been to Cane Ridge once, but just to look around. I would love to be there and learn more of the history.

There is still much to do today. It's harder coming back from a trip than going. I need to finish laundry, it's always laundry. Then I need to write, write, write. Have a great day.

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