Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Usually I don't go into the details of Mantle Rock Publishing, but today I thought I'd let you know in more detail what's going on.

This year is filled up. No more contracts to be filled in 2014. October brings the release of A Shadow of Fear by Janet Ann Collins. Janet contacted me several months ago about a children's book she had written. I thought it was a wonderful idea for children. We all have to learn how to master our fears and this is a cute book to share with your children.

November will bring two releases. One is an adult book and one a companion book for children. Star Song, Book 1, Souls Who Knew Jesus is a series of eight books each. Each adult book will have a book written for children. Katheryn Haddad is the author. The first book is about the birth of Jesus and His growing up. Katheryn has done a ton of research for these books and references will be printed in the back of the book. She has footnoted each reference, which we will put in the back of the book for easier reading.

Here is the list of the books for 2015.

January - Eva's Sacrifice by Dr. Patrick Johnston
February - Whitewashed by Amy C. Blake
March - Book 2, Souls Who Knew Jesus,by Katheryn Haddad
April - TBA
May - TBA
June - Book 3, Souls Who Knew Jesus, by Katheryn Haddad
July - TBA
August - TBA
September - Book 4, Souls Who Knew Jesus, by Katheryn Haddad
October - TBA
November - Book 5, Souls Who Knew Jesus by Katheryn Haddad
December - Office closed

Three of the months have contracts out on them, April, May and July. I haven't heard back from the authors yet. I know I'll probably take another one to be put in August. If all of the slots are taken, that only leaves one more month opened. And March, June, September and November have two books coming out.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I'd have almost all of 2015 filled by now. There are also books scheduled in 2016. I can't thank Hartline Literary Agency enough for being so kind to trust me with their clients. I don't have any historical novels except the ones Katheryn Haddad has written. I would like to see more women's fiction, romance or otherwise. Romance seems to sell better.

Well, I have to get busy. Lots to do today and many more manuscripts to read. Have a super day.

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