Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today, I'd thought about writing something different until I read a blog by my friend Edie Melson. I've known Edie since my first ACFW conference. She and I were both waiting for an interview with an agent and we were both nervous. We chatted until we were told to be quiet. They don't like for you to talk while you're waiting because you might disturb someone. After that, Edie and I see each other at a conference and she feels like home.

Edie talked about whether God wants us to skydive or parachute. So many people are afraid to take chances, thus they use a parachute. Then others are ready to soar. Personally, I like to soar. In 2011 we started Mantle Rock Publishing, but I was wearing a parachute. I was afraid to ask anyone to send me their manuscript. One year ago, that changed. I can't tell you how many manuscripts I've received, but a bunch. I can tell you how many I've accepted, fourteen. That's in only one year. I've shrugged off the parachute and I'm skydiving.

We have so many opportunities in life, if we'll only take them. We have to have our eyes open and acknowledge those opportunities. It's with everything in life, not just business. We meet people, and we may not like them at first, but if we spend a little time with them, we'll find they are wonderful people. I've met a lot I've spent time with and then found out they were not what I thought they were, but that's experience. I don't regret the time I spent with them, I only wish they had a different outlook on life.

I have a daily schedule. Each day I know what I'm working on and work with all my heart to get it accomplished. I don't stick by the schedule 100%, but I try. Things in life happen and we have to change our plans. Like tonight I would read proposals, but my oldest grandson is playing football and I'll go to the game. One of my authors told me over the week-end that I needed to take Saturdays and Sundays off. I take a little time off during the week and feel I have to works some on Saturdays. I don't work on Sundays unless I'm really pushed or I get a thought that feels like a lightening bolt.

Think about your life and your writing. Are you skydiving or using a parachute? Are you taking the lead with your life? Do you take chances and they pay off? Or, are you too afraid to take a chance?

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