Thursday, August 28, 2014


I'm usually a fan of summer. I like living in the South where a cool breeze helps me think it's cooler than it really is. This summer, I've seen 102 degrees twice on the thermometer. Now, that's hot. I know we have to have hot days so we will enjoy the cold ones in the winter. At least, that's my opinion.

When it gets warm in the South, the ladies put on more cologne and perfume. I'm allergic to both, so I have a very bad time when this happens. Last Sunday was bad. I've battled runny eyes and noses since that day. The dust from these days without rain can also make my allergies flare up. Then when it rains, my allergies get worse because of the mold I'm allergic to. I guess I can say I'm a mess. At least I am right now.

We have to have summer in order to have winter. The country folks say to count the fogs in August. We are supposed to have a snow for each fog. We had a good fog the other day and we've had a fog almost each day of this month, but they've been around our pond, so I don't think I can count them. If that theory holds true, we should have a couple of good sized snow.

After Labor Day week-end, we usually start thinking about fall. I can say I'm ready for fall. It's been a busy summer, and fall will be even busier. We have three more books to publish this year. One will be out about the middle to the last of October and the other two will come out in November. After that, I'm taking a month to recuperate. I'll probably work on some of edits, but no major work will be done.

My husband is now doing the formatting of the books. He decided he wanted to learn to use InDesign yesterday. One look at it and he gave up. I know how he feels. It is very intimidating when you first look at it. If he ever gets used to it, he will love it.

The edit I'm doing now is calling me. I need to get it finished today and sent off to the author. I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Week-end.

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