Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Quick Blog

There are less than fifteen minutes before I need to get ready to leave, so this will be quick.

For the last several weeks I have gotten behind reading the blogs that I get each day. This morning, I took a few minutes to read Michael Hyatt's blog. It has changed my day.

Michael is the president of Thomas Nelson Publishing and I am amazed that with his busy schedule he takes the time to daily write a blog for writers. His message is so uplifting.

This morning he wrote about things that happen and how you look at them. Haven't we all said, "I can't write today. I have too much to do." Instead what if we said, "I need to get everything finished early so I can write." Isn't that more positive.

This week-end I attended a webinar with Tiffany Colter. One thing we talked about was doing more positive things. In writing we are our only co-workers and we all have lives outside of the computer. So many times we get bogged down and then have a writers block. Instead take a day to day dream. I loved that idea. Plan your next book or maybe you have one in the back of your head that you seem to never have the time to plot. Relax and do it. You will be amazed how rested you feel and you did get work accomplished.

Do you "write" in your head while you do other things? I do. I think about the book while I am folding clothes, doing dishes, dust mopping, etc. It is amazing how that character comes to life when I think about him or her. Right now I am trying to make Jacob a man any woman will love. I've just made him pleasant before. He is going to have character, so I will be thinking about him today. I've held him at bay for a reason and I didn't realize what it was until Tiffany told me Saturday. I can't reveal it yet, but you will learn in the second book.

I've got to run, but I hope everyone has a scrumptious day.


  1. A positive outlook is priceless and so God intended. And, yes, I write in my head while I cook, garden, sew, clean,... that's when the ideas gell the most for me.

  2. I do that too. So many people are not happy by not being positive. Thanks for reading. I can't wait to meet you in Denver.