Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to Work

Finally I am able to work again. It was good to get back to writing. It is also good to feel like writing and thinking. You don't know what you miss until you can't do it.

My first article was published yesterday for You can access it by going to I am getting another one ready for today.

The more I write, the more I improve. I can see such a big difference from when I started. It's just like cooking. The more you cook and learn new recipes, the better cook you should become. At least most of the time.

Our little group of writers are the most precious people I know. I am so blessed by their comments and encouragements. Even some who read this blog and make comments are encouraging to me. It means a lot when I see a comment. At least someone has read what I said.

My plans are to finish my current book by convention. I am trying hard to do that. I want it edited and ready to go by then. That gives me 2.5 months to get it ready. If I can work several hours a day, I can do it. I am dedicated to finishing it before then. I hope I can do it by August 30. We will see.

The guys are roofing the closet today. It is big, but I hope I can have chests in it and a place to sew and store my stash of material. We will have so much room. My clothes will not be squeezed between each other.

Have a good day.

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  1. Yeah for writing time again!! Hey, which convention are you attending? It wouldn't be ACFW? I'm going to that one. If it is the same one we'll have to meet in person there.

    I'm hoping to finish my first draft of my latest story by the end of July, to have August for revisions, so that I can pitch it at ACFW. I'll pray we both reach our goals.