Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surprised about Examiner

This morning I was very surprised to see the activity on my page at the Examiner. If you went there, thank you. The more people clicking in, the better. I know some of you are writers and if you would be interested in becoming an examiner and making some money, please let me know. I would love for you to sign up under me.

The best thing about Examiner is you do it as often as you want to. If you are a dedicated writer and trying to make money before you publish, this is a good way to go. Being an Examiner will look good on you bio. It is not a pyramid program, but I do get paid if someone signs in from my recommendation. We all have something we know about and can report on. It is also a good way to hone your writing skills.

It is quiet today for the first time in several days. The roof is on the closet, or maybe I should say room, and the workers are gone for a few days. It is moving along well. I am anxious to get it finished and move in.

This is a good day. I have already gotten things accomplished and have more work to do. I plan to write several hours today to make corrections. This is the slowest thing for me. The brain will be going on overtime before night. Have a good day yourself.


  1. It's a great article, Kathy. Made me wish I had time to quilt some--maybe get a few more stitches into the two I have been working on for years. I had stitch it all, so it's very time consuming and with arthritis and now tendenitis, it's even more difficult to get motivated to finish those projects.

  2. I do anything I can to keep arthritis out of my hands. I am having difficulty now turning on the car engine. The way the key goes in hurts to turn it. I keep typing and sewing and quilting for therapy. Have a wonderful day!