Monday, October 5, 2009

Back for a few days

Separating what to keep and what to sell is coming along well. We are going into the last room today and then hope to have most separated. It takes a lot of determination not to keep everything we have.

Our house is listed with a real estate agency, and we are hoping for a quick sale. I would love to be in Kentucky by cold weather. The way it feels this morning, cold weather is here. I hope to pack up more of our belongings to move today.

Thursday the auctioneer who was going to do our personal auction decided we did not have enough to sell through him. He was never optimistic when he was out here anyway. We finally decided he didn't want to do it. I did call another auctioneer Friday and he will be out this week to see what all we have. We are pulling in more things that we don't use or need. I hope we can come up with the amount he wants.

When we got started with this, I knew my book would take a second place. It has. I am in the mood to write today, but I know I will be doing other things instead. I am almost ready to do the proposals and send out to publishers. I would like to finish that before we close on the place in Kentucky.

There is a lot to do today, so I must get busy. Have a blessed day!

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