Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sheriff's Surrender

Last week I tried to get this on, but between my computer skills and I don't know what else, it didn't work.

The Sheriff's Surrender is a wonderful, funny book by Susan Page Davis. I thoroughly loved it and so did my husband. Yes, he likes westerns and usually reads them after I finish.

The sheriff is killed and a new sheriff is appointed. Ethan Chapman had no experience as a sheriff. Gertrude Dooley was a sharp-shooter and lived with her widowed brother. Neither Gert or Ethan want to get married.

Gert is asked to show Libby, a store owner, how to shoot and word spreads around the town. Most of the women want to learn, so the Ladies' Shooting Club is formed. The club includes rancher's wives, store owner, saloon owner and saloon girls. All of them wanted to learn to protect themselves.

When the preacher came to town, his wife joined the club also. The ladies began to get to know each other as individuals, not their name tags.

More mysterious things happen and the ladies persuade the sheriff to deputize them. They patrol the town. Gert become Trudy by the end of the book. A more feminine name and the sheriff, who would never marry, sees her in a different light.

This is a very good book to spend time in front of a fire with a quilt on a cold day. That's what I did and I enjoyed my rest. Susan is a wonderful author and I am looking forward to reading her next two about the Ladies' Shooting Club. Good job, Susan!

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  1. Katt, thanks so much for featuring my book. I am now working on the third book in this series. It's amazing to get all the readers' feedback on the first book and be able to incorporate what they like and don't like into the later books. For all who love Hiram, hang in there. His story will be on the store shelves in June. And wait until you see what's up with Vashti, the saloon girl, in book 3. Writing these books is great fun, and an adventure into the old West.