Friday, April 9, 2010

Abbie Ann

Last week, I received a large envelope in the mail with a wondrous book inside. When I tore off the wrapper, I saw a large book, 501 pages to be exact. Sharlene MacLaren's book, Abbie Ann, was huge in comparison to other books I had read.

So it was 500 pages, well I'd read Harry Potter books, all of them. This book was not as large as they were and I started reading. I was surprised how easy it was to read, and I soon felt Abbie was a member of my family.

Set in the turn of the century with Women's Rights the forefront, I began my journey into an era I was not that familiar with. Abbie has a positive way of looking at life. She is independent and not afraid to speak her mind. I liked that about her. She was also funny. Her whole family was interesting from her English grandmother to her nephew.

At the first of the story we meet Noah Carson, a divorced man. At that time period, divorce was a black mark. I know, my grandmother was divorced around the same time. You never spoke of it, it reminded me of the plague.

Because of Abbie's faith in God, she doesn't know how she feels about a "divorced man." Especially when his faith is not strong. Oh, yes, Noah has a son, Toby. That adds to the drama and Noah is a shipbuilder by trade. On Lake Michigan, there are boats and races. He builds a boat and it is beautiful and fast.

One thing about Noah is that he is a hunk. Muscles, broad shoulders, and handsome. All the things you want Prince Charming to be. I fell in love with him and could see his muscular shoulders.

This is a very good, funny, entertaining book. Abbie Ann is the last in the series of Jacob Kane's Daughters. The others are not 500 pages and Shar promises that there will not be another book that long. I recommend this book with five stars. It is so good. Lose yourself on Lake Michigan and with Abbie, Noah and Toby. You will enjoy it!

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