Monday, April 12, 2010


Don't you love spring? I had always thought fall was my favorite season, but now I can claim spring. I love the bluebirds singing outside my window and the beautiful flowers nodding their heads at me when I pass by. The sky is a beautiful blue background for the new leaves on the trees. The pallet of spring is so beautiful.

It's nice to open windows until my allergies start acting up, then I put the AC on and the windows down. The house seems so much brighter in spring and lighter with a breeze flowing through the rooms. I love spring!

This spring has brought a different landscape. I've always enjoyed the mountains in the spring as they turn different colors of green. The flat land is just as beautiful. I have more trees in my yard and a much larger yard. That is a big plus and it is flat, no hilly yard. My husband can mow almost all of our four acres on a riding lawnmower.

In the spring, my mind is much clearer to write. After a week of non-writing days, I am anxious to start writing again this week. The break was wonderful and I feel better about writing and finishing the edit.

Saturday I received a nice surprise. Zondervan Publishing send me a new book, Blood Ransom, by Lisa Harris. It is set in Africa and I am so excited about it. Zondervan has a Breakfast Club where they send out snippets of books they publish. I read the first two or three chapters on the internet and I was so surprised to find the book in my mailbox, a present from them. Can't wait to get some free time to sit down and read. I know it will be hard to put down.

My muse is on my shoulder, hitting me in the head to open the file on Callie's Mountain. To keep from being too injured, I'd better get busy.

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