Monday, May 17, 2010

Are You Blessed?

There are several ways to be blessed in our daily lives. The blessing I am thinking about today is in my writing. Yes, I am blessed by friends and family who encourage me without knowing it. Let me explain.

Friday I received my Genesis scores for my Women's Fiction. It was bad, but I was blessed. One judge wanted to read more of the story and thought I had a good plot. They all commented on one thing, I am going too fast with the story and need to slow down. That's so hard for me to do.

I wrote this story about three years ago and I should have taken time to go back and rework it, but I didn't. There is my hurry. The one thing I did want was comments on the story. Was it a good plot? Did the characters have depth? Could it be a good CBA book?

Not only do I learn more about writing when I enter a contest, but I learn more about myself. I have progressed since that first book, but I didn't take the time to show it in the chapter I sent in to be judged. My big mistake.

If I want to be a good, successful writer, I need to slow myself down. That's so hard for me to do. I also need to put more of the senses in my books. That was another comment from a judge. This helps to slow things down a bit.

Now I am going back over the story again and make those changes and hope to have a good book. For me, this is an ongoing learning process. Sometimes I think I am a slow learner.

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