Monday, May 3, 2010

Storms and Floods

Most of the south had a horrible week-end. The floods and storms were so bad. I've been through tornadoes several times and was prepared to see another one Sunday morning, but it never touched down. I'm thankful for that.

Our daughter and granddaughter came up Friday night from Nashville to spend the week-end. It rained and stormed Friday night and then Saturday morning only a few showers. We decided to go to Paducah to Hancock's Fabric Store. It is huge. Before we left the house, she decided we needed a Weather Alert Radio and she purchased one for us at Radio Shack.

While we were in Paducah we heard the radio reports about the storms in West Tennessee and the possibility of storms in Middle Tennessee. She decided to leave early before the storms hit Nashville. She did get home safe and sound, but then the trouble started.

There are two parts of this story, hers and mine. We'll start with this Weather Alert Radio. If you don't have one, you should, but put it somewhere close to where you sleep.

Diane sat mine up on the dining room table. Not that close to our bedroom. Every hour or forty-five minutes it went off. I finally unplugged it so I could get some sleep. I was so tired of jumping up and down so much. Around 2 a.m. the fire station alarm went off, so we were up again. It finally stopped raining here Sunday morning, but I was exhausted from the lack of sleep and I didn't wear my C PAP because the electricity was coming and going. That's about all of my story. No flooding and no wind damage. We are safe.

Now for my daughter's. She lives in a subdivision that has a lake. Sunday morning it was raining and continued to storm. There was flooding getting into their subdivision and close to the church they attended.

By noon, the flooding was worse and the street beside and in front of their house was full of water. To make a long story short, they were evacuated about 11:30 last night. They are safe and at her brother-in-law's house outside of Lebanon, TN. They do have flood insurance. Their house is most likely flooded by now.

This has been the worse flooding in Nashville in years. We had planned to go to East Tennessee to clear out our house, but the roads in Nashville are still flooded. So we will stay here another day.

I didn't realize how traumatic flooding is. It has traumatized my husband and myself, and I know how my daughter, her husband and her daughter feel. This is next to having your house broken into. We are all so thankful that prayers were answered and they are safe. I know I'm selfish in thinking more of my family, but I do pray for all of those who are involved in this situation.

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