Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Fist Full of Books

Yes, that's what I am going to tell you about, a fist full of books I've been reading. It seemed there'd been little time to read lately, but somehow I've managed to read three books in the past two weeks.

The first one I finished was Blood Ransom, By Lisa Harris. I hadn't read a book on Africa since I was in high school. Action, romance and mystery are all combined in this book. It's the story about two Americans who meet in Africa during a presidential election. That sounded easy, but the story gets complicated as they find fraud and illegal actions going on for the wrong man to win the election. It kept me on pins and needles until the end. It is filled with suspense, murder and chase scenes. I was surprised how it ended. Very well written and a good book.

Most of you know that DiAnn Mills is one of my favorite authors. The next book I read was A Woman Called Sage. DiAnn has a way with historical books and this has turned out to be one of my favorites. The setting is in Colorado in 1875. Sage, half Indian, watches her husband killed and then is shot herself. She is carrying their son which dies as the result of the gunshot. The story moves several years while she learned the art of being a bounty hunter intent on capturing her husband's killers. Her only companion is a hawk. She brings her men in alive. She does capture one of the gang members and brings him to jail. His brothers get him out and the Marshall is hurt. Both Sage and the Marshall are determined people who are going to capture the men and bring them to trial. Their trek through the Rocky Mountains is filled with adventure. It also had a nice turn of events at the end. Something I never expected to happen. I loved this book and I love Sage. It gives you a warm feeling in the end. Good job, DiAnn.

The next book gets a prize for the fastest book I've ever read. Love Finds You In Golden, New Mexico by Leena Nelson Dooley was one book I could not put down. I love mail order brides and this book put a new light on them. I learned a lot about Golden, NM. I never knew it was the first gold strike west of the Mississippi. Back to the book. Phillip Smith, who is dying, orders a bride so he will have someone to leave his wealth to. He hopes to find a woman with children. Maddy Mercer is a young, rich woman in Boston. Her father's partner is trying to make her marry him. She loathes the man and doesn't trust him. He gives her the creeps when she sees him. Her hired man finds the request for a bride from the newspaper and they head to Golden, NM, but not until after her friend has a baby and asks Maddy to take care of it. So, to NM go Maddy, baby Pearl and her two trusted servants. Phillips took Jeremiah Dennison in as a child and raised him. Jeremiah sold his mine, so he is ranching and in no need of Phillip's money, but he becomes upset when he hears Phillip's plans. He thinks Maddy is a fortune hunter and just wants Phillip's money. She does learn to love Phillip as a grandfather, but not as a husband. I love the way this story developed. I watched Maddy turn into a strong woman who knew her own mind. This is a very good book.

What am I reading now? I'm reading The Anonymous Bride by Vickie McDonough and The Glassblower by Laurie Alice Eakes. Both are very good authors.

Another interesting tidbit, my friend Sandi Rog, has just signed a three book deal with DeWard Publishing. Her first book will be out this summer. I have read the first chapter of The Masters Wall. If you like Francine Rivers, you will love Sandi's book.

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