Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Good Books

Do you like to get warm fuzzies over a book? I do and I have recently read two that fit that category. Maybe we should have a Warm Fuzzie genre.

The Anonymous Bride by Vickie McDonough is one those books. Meeting an author and reading their books is always something I enjoy. Vickie is so quiet and sweet. This book is so funny, so I know Vickie lets her hair down sometimes. I loved it. It's one on the top of my list.

Luke Davis returns to Lookout, Texas to become their new town marshal. It concerns him that he will be in the same town as his old sweetheart Rachel. Rachel broke his heart by marrying James Hamilton, a rich boy. How will she react when she sees him? The come the three brides which he knows nothing about. It's good to have cousins who care. The whole book is filled with humor. He gets in one predicament after another with these brides.

The other book was an advanced copy of Hope's Promise by Tammy Barley. I enjoyed learning more about the west during the Civil War. Hard to believe they were not part of the States during that time, but loyalties ran strong. This is about Jess and Jake Bennett. Jess wants to raise horses, Thoroughbreds to be exact. One thing that I enjoyed was the love of the horses. Another thing I had not read in a long while was the premonitions that Jess had about the ranch and her husband Jake. It was a refreshing book and I enjoyed it very much.

These two authors are exceptional in their writing skills. I look forward to reading more from them. Before I can pick up another one of their books, I have three more to read first and then a stack of about twenty. I'm getting a good supply for next winter. The only ones I read now are the ones that someone as asked me to read, or be an influencer.

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