Friday, March 18, 2011


My week has ended up pretty good. I wish it were better, but that's it. I haven't written as much this week as I had hoped to. Maybe next week will be better.

The knee is recovering very well. It's almost six months since my left knee was replaced, and two months since my right knee. It's going very well. I did do a little too much yesterday and I paid last night. It felt good to do some work. 

I think I am drawing one thing out too much in my book. One thing it will do is bring my two main characters closer together, but I know it can get boring. I need to put more description in my book.

 The WIP I'm working on right now is only a draft, so I can change that when I go back through. There is a hard rain and I want to describe the raindrops. We would say today they were "as big as a quarter," or something like that. Now I have to find out what small coins they had in the early 19th century. 

Is your book constantly on your mind? Well, I do let it rest at church, but other than that, it gets a lot of my thoughts. I'm sure that's the same as with most writers. I'm also fearful that it will never be published. That's my biggest fear. I'm afraid I'm not good enough. People will laugh at my attempts. I've had a few rejections but everyone has been kind. 

It's time to grow with my writing. It's time to get busy and write more, read more, and study the craft more. We all have to do that. It's hard, but to be successful, we have to manage.

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