Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surrender the Night

MaryLu Tyndall has written another wonderful book. Second in the Surrender to Destiny Series is Surrender the Night. It's not a pirate book, and it is all written on dry and mostly wet ground. A wonderful exciting and packed with action book.

Rose McGuire is living with her aunt and uncle on a small farm outside of Baltimore. The year is 1814 and if you remember your history, the British were trying to take back America. She has a maid who has been widowed, but is a young woman and a big flirt. Rose is nearly ravished by a British Naval officer, when another officer, Alexander Reed, hears her screams. He saves her and kills the first Naval officer. Alex is shot in the leg.

Rose bandages his leg and hides him in their barn. She loves animals and has several pet chickens, a horse, a cow, and a pig. Alex is impressed by her kindness. She knows if he is found, she and her whole family will be tried and hung for treason.

In an awkward moment, she introduces him to Mr. Snyder, a man who wants to marry her, as her hired man.
Mr. Snyder wants to marry her to get her land. He also thinks she is beautiful. He tries every way that he can to make it know that Alex is a Naval officer, but fails. Rose cannot stand Mr. Snyder and refuses to marry him.

The story goes on to the burning of Washington, DC, which I found interesting. The book is filled with suspense and action. MaryLu gives good descriptions of the characters and the places. Rose is a beautiful blond lady and Alex, well as usual, he is a hunk. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have.

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