Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Blog List

I haven't worked very hard on my blog list, but I should add a few more things. These are my favorite blogs and they are people I know and love.
The first one is A Meek Prospective. My niece, Judy Meek, write this. It is always interesting and I enjoy reading it. It's always fresh. They have a small sheep farm and recently had quadruple lambs born to one of the ewes.
My baby is For Christian Girls. This is one that the church allowed me to get going. We opened it in February and we are getting good hits and comments. It is designed to encourage Christian teens. The newest article is From the Waist Up. What do you see from the waist up?
The next is one I have been involved in by my attendance for a year now. Freelance Writing Courses was designed by Teddy Levine and Janice Thompson. There are free sessions and some you have to buy. I have attended most of them and they are very good for writers. Janice has been a friend since soon after I started writing.
Janice Hanna Thompson, as I said is a friend of mine and I love her wit. Her books are great. She does a great job encouraging writers.
Sandi Rog, well what can I say. She is my dearest friend. She is so devoted to God, even through all this cancer. Her treatments are very hard on her, but she always comes out smiling. I love this girl as if she were one of my own. She is hoping to have a bone marrow transplant in April. It should rid her of cancer and MS that she has fought for years.
The Book Doctor is one of Sandi's creations. She has several authors who have stepped in during her illness and helped her keep it going. There is good sound advice for writers.
Turpin Tidbits is my daughter Diane's baby. Diane is a wonderful scrapbooker. We started scrapping eleven years ago with the computer. She continues to scrapbook and has had her pieces in several magazines. She sells what you need to make a page.
I thought you might be interested in my connection with these links.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog! It's a little slow right now but tax season ends in about 5 weeks. I'll catch up then!