Monday, March 14, 2011

What The Heart Sees

I may have mentioned before that I joined Booksneeze. It's from Thomas Nelson Publishing and if you have a blog, you may join. You have to put it on your blog, make a comment to Amazon, Christian Books, or one of the online book sellers, and then to Booksneeze. In return you pick a book to read next and report on it.

I had a non-fiction the first time and I saw a fiction on the list, so I marked it as my next book. What The Heart Sees is a combination of three books by Kathleen Fuller. I had never read any of her books before, but I did enjoy this book.

It is well written and interesting. She has a glossary of Amish words that was very helpful. She used some Amish words that I had never heard, so the glossary came in handy.

A Miracle for Miriam is the first book. Miriam is a quilter and works for a quilt shop. She had been in love with Seth Fisher since their school days. Seth was a show-off and had done something to embarrass her. She wore glasses and he made fun of her, but she still loved him. 

Seth had been in a car accident. His had lacerations to his face and a badly broken leg. He had almost become a recluse, walking with a cane and in pain every day. He believes no woman would want him with the scar running down the side of his face and his injured leg.

Miriam is forced to attend a singing at an Amish home. Seth has decided to go also. People stared at Seth's face and Miriam was a wallflower, holding up one side of the wall. Seth hobbles over to her and she realizes he is very nice to her, but she thinks he's either feeling sorry for her or wants to embarrass her again. This continues through the book, but it does have a happy ending.

The second book is A Place Of His Own. This story is about Amanda and Josiah. They had been close friends growing up, but Josiah and his father left in the night and Amanda had not seen him for fourteen years. He returns and begins to try to fix the house and barn so he can sell the property and leave the bad memories behind.

Amanda is so glad to see Josiah, but he acts like he wants to get away as soon as possible. She volunteers to help him clean the house. He doesn't want her too, because his feelings about her are returning and something in his life he wants to forget keeps haunting him. 

Josiah had remained Amish through the years. His secret kept him from being involved in the Amish community. He leaves a lantern burning in the barn and the barn catches on fire. He saves his horse, but everything in the barn is lost. The community builds him a new barn and his faith begins to gradually come back. It does have a happy ending.

A Place Of His Own was probably my favorite. This is about Ellie and Chris. There was a car accident. Ellie was blinded and Chris' finance, Carolyn, was killed. Chris left the Amish community and went English. He comes back in a car two weeks before his sister is to marry his once best friend. There is tension between Chris and his this friend. They seem to hate each other. 

Because he left the Amish faith, he was shunned. His father will not talk to him, but his mother wishes he would stay home. He has to ask for forgiveness from the Amish church before he can be able to stay.

He sees Ellie, but does not realize at first that she is blind. He falls in love with her because of her faith and forgiveness. He wants to be forgiven, but there were circumstances where he could not. 

This is a very sweet story with lots of comical things happening because Ellie is too stubborn to ask for help. I enjoyed all of the stories very much and recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a quiet, entertaining book.

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