Friday, April 15, 2011

New Thoughts

My books are about the south in the late 18th century and the early 19th century. I especially like pre-Civil War.It must have been a wonderful time to live. The Colonial Period is my favorite. So much happened at that time.

The town I lived in for many, many years is the second oldest town in Tennessee. Jonesborough is first and Rogersville is second. It is a quaint little town with loads of history. There were Indian skirmishes, Civil War battles, and just plain fighting on Main Street. Jesse James even rode through and spent the night south of town.

My husband has always called me his tour guide. I will listen to anyone tell about the history of this region. I write about it and love to tell stories. My favorite is about Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson was a prankster. He often stopped at Hale Springs Tavern in Rogersville to spend the night on his way to Washington from the Hermitage. One night a fancy English fellow came in and asked for a private room. The innkeeper, Joseph Rogers, told him they only had a common room where he and his attendant could sleep. That would not do, the man said. Andrew Jackson told Mr. Rogers he would prepare a private room for the guest.

Later in the day, Mr. Jackson walled up to the man and said, "Your private room awaits you." He led the man to the barn where he had prepared a stall with new hay. He bowed to the man and said, "Your private room, sir." Needless to say, the man stayed in the common room.

Now that we live in Kentucky, I'm learning a whole new history lesson. Mantle Rock is an amazing place for me. I see where hundreds of Indians spent the winter during the Trail of Tears. I am awed by the sight. Most slept in the open during that winter and many died. There are so many new things to learn and I am enjoying my history lessons all over again.

Have a nice day and enjoy the world around you.


  1. Thanks for this post--very interesting. I'm learning "new-old" things about this area too.

  2. Hi Katt! Nice blog!

    I'm a lover of the 18th-19th century too. I do enjoy pre-Civil War, but my main love is the Civil War era. That's what I write about.

    I'm up here in Indiana but have been down to KY and TN for re-enactments. I attended a re-eenactment at Mill Springs, KY, and on the way, we drove through some of the prettiest horse country that I had ever seen in my life. The views were breathtaking!

    Even though I'm a Yankee girl at heart, I love the Southern history as well. So much fascinating history on both sides of the Mason/Dixon Line during the 18th and 19th century.

  3. Thanks for the post Katt! Just watched the Ken Burns Civil War documentary for the second time last week. Always fascinating stuff.

    I'm in Akron, OH, and love our history from the turn of the century and the glory days of the rubber industry.

    Take care, Rocky

  4. your husband is right--you are a great tour guide! Thanks for this glimpse into your locale. Fascinating stuff.

  5. Great, interesting post. Loved the story about the gent wanting a private room.:)


  6. Hi Katt,

    I enjoyed your post. I live in North Georgia and write for a historical magazine. I love our history.
    Deborah M.

  7. I love the colonial period, too! That is some fascinating history, so much to learn and enjoy!
    I have a list of colonial fiction on my blog if you'd like to stop by!