Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Southern Storms

This is our second spring in Kentucky and I hope we don't have another one like this. I know God has a reason for these storms, at least the allergy count is down. Maybe that is the reason, to clean the air.

My hubby is a big gardener. He plowed the garden back in the late fall getting ready for early planting. Not one thing is planted and won't be for a while. We have nice rows of water. We might have a rice patty. I've said that several times, but it will be a late garden this year.

The rain is not too bad, but the wind is what I'm scared of. I've lived through several tornadoes and I don't want to go through another one. I can do it, it just would not be pleasant. The rain was really bad last night. The sirens went off at the fire station, which is close. My husband slept through it, I didn't.

We had an early evening service Sunday at church. We went to lunch with our son and his family. While we were sitting there, someone said, "It's starting to rain." Usually the hard rain is through in a few minutes, but this was not. It seemed the closer we came to the end of the meal, the harder it rained. Our son brought the van as close as he could get and we ran to it.

Usually with metal roofs, you don't hear much rain, but we did at church and then when we got home. When we left church, one street was closed. We had to detour, but the street beside it was full of water. We finally did get home and we stayed in the dry.

The Weather Channel says we will have more storms today and tomorrow. Thursday is supposed to be dry and sunny. If you are in these storms, stay safe. The weatherman is using "historical" and "catastrophic" to describe them.

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