Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tessa Stockton

Tessa Stockton is a new published author. Her first release was April 1. I had the honor of reading it early and it is a very exciting book. Of course, I love adventure and romance.

An American quilter does a quilt show in Argentina and meets a very mysterious, handsome Argentine man. The only problem is that he is hated by most of the people for crimes he did during the Dirty War. There are many variations of what he did to people, but she knows him now, not then.. She is willing to forgive and then things happen to her. Does she love him enough to forgive his past sins?

You'll have to read the book to see. But, in case you want to know Tessa better, here is the interview. By the way, we both love chocolate.

Tessa and I have been friends for several years. It is a great honor to interview her on the release of her first book, The Unforgivable.

KA: Tessa, tell us a little about yourself.

TS: I’m a former contemporary dancer. I served for over twenty years in the Christian performing arts, and directed the International Christian Dance Theater under the auspices of missionary organization, Global ministries. I traveled worldwide in performance and outreach endeavors. At the same time, I also contributed as a writer and editor to various Christian, as well as political organizations. Now, I enjoy crafting Christian Political Intrigue novels at home.

KA: How did you come to know about the Dirty War in Argentina?

TS: About 16-17 years ago, I was involved in human rights groups. I even choreographed a dance suite in honor of Dirty War victims. However, at the same time, when those around me angrily desired to bring war criminals to justice, God was asking me to pray for these individuals, to love them. I became conflicted, and so took a step out in order to follow the path I felt God was leading me on, that is, to bring spiritual comfort to those who battle an assortment of ethics. Because (and here’s my spanking new branding statement, Katt, which, if you remember, is something I had drawn a blank on while we worked on these in our local writers group meeting way back when) “No one is immune from redemption.” Also, I’ve always been drawn to South America, especially Argentina. This is something the Lord simply placed in my heart—I can’t explain it fully. I’m an avid reader and have perused, over the years, probably every book that has been written on the Dirty War.

KA: What is your favorite time to write?

TS: It changes. I’m at the mercy of my family—especially my 4½ year old son. If I can get it, I’ll take any time when it’s quiet. This usually means early in the morning or late at night. Although lately, I’ve been on an aggressive deadline schedule, and with everything else I’m juggling, others have mercifully stepped in so I can work through a few day(s).

KA: Are you fully dressed, p,j.’s, makeup?

TS: Sweats. Did I just admit that? Oh, and I’m not that fond of makeup in general, so unless I have a photo shoot, or a television interview or something, I don’t wear much. Ooh, did I just admit that, too? What’s happening to me, Katt?

KA: Where do you write?

TS: Usually in my office, where I can close the door to the rest of the world. I do a lot of research with what I write and I prefer to have access to my resources, books, notes, etc, which are all compiled in one place. Occasionally, I’ll take my laptop and run to a coffee shop for a change of pace, but I find noise distracting. I may get a great cup of coffee, but I don’t think I’m as productive with writing in public places. Plus, I get tripped up in people-watching.

KA: What is your favorite food?

TS: Thai food, especially curry—hands down. I also like a good gourmet hamburger, or a colorful, crisp salad. Does dark chocolate count as food? How about popcorn?
KA: What are your annoying habits?

TS: I have conversations with myself. They come out especially strong and argumentative while I vacuum. Yeah, I don’t know where I get that from. If you ask those closest to me, I’m sure they could come up with a loooong list of annoying habits.

KA: Are you a plotter or a seat-of-the-pants writer?

TS: I’m naturally a seat-of-the-pants writer, that’s how I prefer to create a story. Sit down and see where typing fingers take me. However, ever since I’ve contracted for a series I’ve had to learn how to plot, because overviews and outlines are now due and need approval before I can begin writing in the manuscripts. And the timeframe to turn them in is relatively short. This has been a challenge for me, but has helped me to grow as a writer. I believe my publisher is developing me in a professional sense, and honing my literary voice. It’s scary sometimes, but I’m thankful for it and for them!

KA: What is the worse advice you have ever been given regarding your writing?

TS: I don’t think I’ve ever been given bad advice. In fact, I think all the advice has been good, sensible, and realistic—I just may not have listened well. I started out many years ago wanting to see instant success, but have learned through a lot of disappointment that for most of us things don’t happen overnight. We develop readership one blog at a time, one post at a time. Eventually we get there. I would have enjoyed the journey to publication much more had I…well…enjoyed the journey, instead of being so consumed with getting from A to B.

KA: Are there anymore books in the future?

TS: The Unforgivable is the first book of a series, Wounds of South America. I am currently wrapping up my second installment and getting ready to turn the manuscript in to my publisher in a few weeks. While The Unforgivable is set in Argentina, the second one is set in Colombia. Each book in this series takes place in a different South American country, focusing on some of the political conflicts that have plagued the continent. They each portray a story of redemption and love in the midst of desperate circumstances.

KA: Where can the readers find you?

TS: Please come harass me at!

Thanks Tessa for finding the time to answer these questions. I know our readers will feel like they know you better. Good luck on your first publication.iew.


  1. Wonderful interview, Tessa! I hope you're getting a good launch out of it!

  2. I've never heard of the Dirty War. Now I needs must go looking...