Friday, April 8, 2011

Tomorrow's Garden

Tomorrow's Garden, by Amanda Cabot, is the best book I have read by Amanda. Each book in the Texas Dreams Trilogy has been good, but this one is wonderful I give it five stars.

This is about Harriet Kirk, a school teacher raising her five brothers and sisters. Everyone in the town of Fortune thought she was rich, but she wasn't. Her father had drunk and gambled the money away. She takes a job in Ladreville, TX. Ladreville was settled by both French and German immigrants.

Most of the characters in the other two books, Paper Roses and Scattered Petals are in this book also. The one who takes center stage is Lawrence Wood, a former Texas Ranger. He is now mayor/sheriff of this small town.

I loved the ups and downs of this book. Something would happen to make me get excited and then there would be a calm moment, like Christmas day. Then excitement would happen again. That's what keeps me interested in a book.

The research Amanda does, is phenomenal. That helps to make a story come to life. I loved the map in the front of the book. It helped to show the town of Ladreville.

Very good writing, Amanda. The first book in her next series, Wyoming Winds, will be out in the spring of 2012. I can't wait that long, Amanda.

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