Friday, November 11, 2011

A Fire in Ember

I loved A Fire In Ember by DiAnn Mills. It came out early in the year, and I hadn't had a chance to read it until lately. I will always pick up a book by DiAnn because she is a wonderful writer and a great friend.

This an interesting book and has many twists and turns. It starts with a young boy about to be hung. Is it a boy or a girl? That is the first twist.

There is so much about the west and Colorado in the book that I read it quickly. This book comes after A Woman Called Sage. I loved that book. Some of the characters are the same.

You know, things go on in this world that I have never thought of. DiAnn has a way with "What if?" That's one thing she has stressed in all of the classes I have attended that she taught. What if someone was trying to buy all the ranches in the area? What if a family wanted to hold on to their land? What if a father was killed and a teenager had to grow up fast? I love the "What iifs?"

There are plenty in this book. From a family who is bent to kill and has no religious training to a girl trying to get out of that mess. Very well worth reading.

This is short. I'm heading out to start some Christmas shopping, then to spend some time with our daughter and her family. Have a good week-end.

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