Monday, November 7, 2011

A Wonderful Week-end

On Monday it's good to look back on the week-end and think, "Boy, I had a wonderful week-end." Well, I can rightly say that today! I did have a wonderful week-end.

Our week-end started on Friday. My nephew and his wife from Scotland arrived at our house. This was their first time to see it after we moved. Jon and Arlene Galloway live in East Kilbride, Scotland, which is outside of Glasgow. We had not seen Jon in two years and it had been three years since we had seen Arlene.

If you can understand fast Scottish, you're all right. It had been a while since we had had that opportunity, and most of the time, I just nodded. Our son and his family came to supper on Friday night and our daughter and granddaughter came up from Nashville on Saturday.

The best part of the week-end was family. I love having my family around. This was such a special week-end with everyone getting to visit, even if I couldn't understand part of what they said. Everyone enjoyed the difference in words. A stove is a cooker. Arlene and I have very similar refrigerators, which surprised me. American appliances are popular there. It felt empty when everyone left Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night we went to the Senior Banquet at church. It was so good. We have some very talented young folks, and it was good to get to see them perform. The church does this every year, and it is so enjoyable. This is such an active church. Something is going on all the time. I love it, and I'm so thankful God put us here. We had never been is a congregation this active. My daughter says she can't come up to see us, because we are always doing something at church.

To end all this week-end up, my husband preached at a small congregation last night. I enjoyed it so much. Everyone was so nice and friendly. I'm anxious to go back next month and worship with them.

The week-end was wonderful, but I was so tired. I slept yesterday afternoon from 1:30 to 4:00. That's a long afternoon nap for me. I'll be so glad when I stop sleeping so much. Wednesday I hope to tell you about some books I read while I was recovering. Have a wonderful day.

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