Friday, November 18, 2011


I just finished writing my blog It was about Thanksgiving, so while I'm still in that frame of mind, I thought I would do this one.

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Mine is being with family. We will be with half of our family this year. Although, I'll miss my son and his family, I'm looking forward to spending time with my daughter's family and her husband's family. I'm not going for the food, it's all right, but I doubt if I'll eat as much as normal.

What do you remember about Thanksgiving as a child? It was the day we killed hogs. Oh, yes, we celebrated that way. Everyone got up early and worked until nightfall. Our meal was in the evening, and it was liver and lights. I've never found out what the lights were, but apparently they were part of the hog. They were boiled and a gravy added. The liver was always good, but I never ate the lights.

One thing that has stuck in my mind is the lard making. My grandmother had a large kitchen table and the men would bring out tubs of fat. She would cut it up in cubes to get ready to render. The kitchen floor had settled and went downhill. It would be so greasy by the end of the day that my sister and I would slide down it. My grandmother scolded us for that, but it was fun.

Turkey and dressing was not introduced to me until I went a full day in school. I loved it the first time I ate it, and I still do. Our son-in-law adds ham to our menu. but we still have all the trimmings. It's good when several people prepare different items. I always bring cranberries and dressing. This year I'm adding corn and pineapple casserole. Can't wait for Thursday to come.

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