Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday the Kentucky grandkids were out of school. Our son said they were going to Sikeston, Missouri to Lambert's Cafe and asked if we wanted to go. Of course we said "yes" when food was involved.

One of my favorite blogs is Writes of Passage. Tamera Alexandra is always putting pictures of food when it is her day to write. My cooking is never that pretty, but her's is. I wonder how she does it. I thought you might like to see the pictures I took yesterday at Lambert's.

Lambert's Cafe is famous for throwing rolls. Yes, hot yeast rolls. Adam was the thrower yesterday and it did a fine job. I caught both of mine on my chest. Grayson, age seven, caught all of his like a pro. I think all of us caught ours, and none hit the floor. Here's Adam, the thrower, ready to pitch a roll.

They are delicious. The bad part is you fill up on rolls before your plate arrives. Before you read the menu, someone comes up with a big bowl. I mean a big, big bowl. They have fried okra, fried potatoes and onions, and macaroni and tomatoes that they will put on your plate, or napkin, or whatever you have. They do have banana pudding for dessert, but I don't think they sell much. The plates are so full, and then with the other things you can get, you are stuffed. In fact, I"ve never cleaned my plate there. We always take most of our food home.

I thought you might enjoy some of our plates. Chet's a big boy for eleven, and that's a big hamburger.
This is Josie's child's plate. A bowl of chicken and dumplings, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Now, I'll let you see my plate of fried chicken livers. Most of the plate was full of chicken livers.

That's us, two very filled people. The story goes that Scotty Lambert was passing out rolls and someone on the other side of the room wanted one. The man said, "Throw me one." It's been happening ever since.

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