Thursday, March 8, 2012


What would life be without problems? It wouldn't be nearly exciting. They seem to add a little spice to our lives. Here's my problem.

Last Thursday, my computer died. I rushed it to the computer hospital thinking it might need a little tonic. It needed a lot of tonic, about 1 GB. The tech cleaned it up and put the new GB in and called me yesterday that it was ready to be released. It was a wonderful day!

Ten years ago, I could have lived my life without a computer every day. Now, if I don't have mine, I"m grumpy, hateful, and down right sad. I missed my baby so much. My husband says when I die, my computer will be in the casket with me. That would be natural.

It's funny how when one thing goes wrong in your life, your whole day is miserable. I wanted to Skype my nephew in Scotland. I sat down at my husband's computer, and he didn't have Skype. Oh, well, now I can do it. That's just one of the things I missed.

I found out I do not share well. It was hard to get my husband's computer when I wanted it. I checked emails and let the rest of it go. I did have an old laptop that I used to write. It wasn't the same. The words didn't come that easy. I needed my own computer.

Thankfully, that is over now. I can get caught up on my writing, do a lot of things better, and it's mine all mine. Next month my hubby is taking his computer to the hospital. It's making a noise and needs a good overhaul. So, I'll have to share mine. He works a lot off line, so he can use the old laptop as much as he wants to.

It's stormy here in Kentucky. Doesn't seem to be bad storms like last week. My husband was in Harrisburg, IL Saturday and said it looked bad. Please pray for those who went through the storms.


  1. It's funny how attached we get to a computer, isn't it?! A couple of years ago - right after my husband and I committed to not spend ANY money on non-essentials for the whole year - both of our computers crashed - in the same weekend. We decided to replace one of them and share - for the whole year. We made it (barely!) but I learned a lot about how selfish I am during that year. I did NOT want to share that computer with him!

    Glad you got your computer back! Happy writing!

  2. We do get attached to these machines. We decided to wait a month until we have his looked at. I'll work on sharing this month.