Friday, March 30, 2012


There are several blogs I read daily, well actually there are two. I am faithful reading these two. They help me with life and writing.

The first is Chip MacGregor's blog. He helps me to know more about writing and what is going on in the industry. He didn't write a blog for almost a year, and I missed him dearly. I'm so glad he decided to return to blogging. He has so much knowledge about the industry.

I always read Writes of Passage. This is a blog written by five writers. I enjoy all of them. Judy Miller has a way of bringing me down to the real world. Sometimes too down, like when the time she showed how people took pictures of the dead in family settings. Posed pictures of family with a dead child or other family member. Too gruesome!

Tammy Alexander is always showing food. Her recipe for Chocolate Cream Pie looks delicious. I'm anxious to make it. Then Kim Sawyer is Kim Sawyer, what else can I say. I love that girl. The rest of them are just as good.

It's refreshing to read from someone else and know there are others out there trying to be sane. It's not easy sometimes. What are your favorite blogs?

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