Friday, November 23, 2012


No, I do not do Black Friday! I did it once and I'll never do it again. I was pushed and shoved, twisted and turned, and came close to a nervous breakdown. I will not put myself in the company of so many rude people over a few dollars.

I wanted to make that statement first. I'll pay extra for what I want instead of losing my sanity. Now Black Friday is starting on Thursday evening. What will they do next? Black Friday will begin the 4th of July! Not for me. I'll do my shopping the old fashioned way.

With that off my chest, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Our children went elsewhere, so we were by ourselves. It was a good morning for cleaning up the house and getting ready for our Thanksgiving on Saturday. Today I have to cook. Not much. Everyone is helping out.

We decided since we did not have to cook, we'd eat out. Never in our almost 50 years of marriage had we done that. One of the restaurants here had a Thanksgiving Day Buffet. We made reservations and trotted down the road to the Majestic Restaurant.

The food was delicious, and we  had everything we wanted, even Green Bean Casserole. The Pecan Pie was homemade and delicious. Hubby complained the pie did not have many pecans, but I told him with the cost of pecans these days, be thankful he got one.

I had a piece of wonderful white cake with orange marmalade between the layers and on top. Whipped cream decorated the edge and it was delicious, but I had already eaten so much and I couldn't finish it. Let's be honest. I ate so much I hurt.

Tomorrow, I will not eat that much. I don't think my body can take another day of over-indulgence.

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