Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm a little off the writing/publishing subject today. Mostly, because music is so important in our lives. My family is very musical. We all have decent voices and like to sing. My grandfather could pick up any instrument and play it. I don't think he had a music in his life. My cousin teaches piano and flute at Oakland City University in Oakland City, IN.

That is an introduction to what I'm writing about. Last night, our granddaughter, Josie, sang with the First
District Fifth and Sixth Grade and Seventh and Eighth Grade Festival Choir
at Murray State University in Murray, KY. There were about 300 fifth through eight graders singing. The last song they all did together. Josie said they would be hanging off the stage, and they were.

I always look at the directors. The two who directed this group were wonderful children choir directors. One was from Norman, Oklahoma, and the other was the Director of Choral Activities at Murray State. They both worked wonders with the children.

The fifth and sixth grade director, Sandy Knudson, made a statement at the end of the program. It has stuck with me all night. This is what she said. "People say children make beautiful music. Really, music makes children beautiful." What a wonderful statement.

I've watched children who sing come out of their shells when music is involved. Josie is in a choir here in our county. It is directed by the Director of Choral Activities at Murray State, Dr. Bradley Almquist. When they gave their concert last spring, Josie went to the front and sang a solo. I was so surprised. She had always been a shy child, but music made her come our of her shell. She has a beautiful voice and loves music.

Help your child to become beautiful with music.


  1. I saw your blog and had to stop by and leave a comment. You mentioned that you have a cousin who teaches at Oakland City University. I actually received two degrees from there but I took it at one of their other locations in Bedford, IN. I made two graduation trips to the main campus. I also worked for them for a little while at their Bedford branch. What a small world.

  2. It is a small world, Deanna. I don't think my cousin will mind if I mention her name. She teaches piano, flute, and other music studies. Her name is Carolyn Spitler. She is a wonderful teacher and mentor.