Monday, November 5, 2012


Tomorrow Kathleen Maher will have me as her guest on her blog, I'm excited to be her guest. I've known Kathy for a while and that makes the interview more special. Please visit her blog, leave a comment, and be in the drawing for a free copy of Callie's Mountain. That's not a ebook, but a real book.

Last week was a busy week. Book sales have surprised me. Much more than I ever anticipated. I spent most of the last part of the week with family of one of our church members who passed away on Wednesday. With the visitation, funeral, and visiting with the family, it was a hard week. This gracious gentleman will be missed.

This week is not going to be much better. The only good thing is I will be home, but busy. I'm trying to finish editing the rough draft of Susannah's Hope and marketing. I will be having a book signing in Tennessee the last of the month.

Tonight is our annual Senior Banquet at church. I always look forward to that. I hear my grandson is going to be one of the entertainers. I'm anxiously anticipating his performance. This morning two author friends, Susan Page Davis and Vicky McDonough, came for donuts and coffee. I think Vicky wants all of my antiques. We had so much fun.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Please vote, and pray before you vote. Pray that the right candidate will win the election and that God's Will will be done. Then, pray for the one who wins, whether you like him or not.


  1. Katt, I entered this drawing on kathleen's blog. I am a follower of yours by email. Hope I can win your book. It will be my first of yours.
    Maxie Anderson ( )

  2. I hope you can, too, Maxie. I think somewhere in the archives I have an interview with the main characters of the book. It's probably in October. You might want to get a hint of what the book is like. Thanks for entering.

  3. Katt..i am a new follower of yours by email and GFC. If i win this book, i will be posting a review on my blog...

    as well as goodreads, b&n, amazon and christianbooks. The story sounds amazing.

  4. Thanks, Marianne. I welcome you as a new follower. I hope you find something interesting. I would love to have you review my book.