Thursday, July 17, 2014

Covers, Covers

One of the first things a reader sees is the cover. A lot of sales depend on that cover, so covers are important. Yes, we could use stick figures, but what would that tell us about the book. A cover should tell you a little about the book, not just the title and author.

I love the cover for Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock's book, A Most Precious Gift. I know it's about the South. I can see the girl is probably a slave and works for the house behind her. The box on the bottom should tell us there's something involved with the box. I won't tell the secret, but when you read the book, you'll know. Roseanna White did the cover and she's a great cover designer.

This book will release middle to late August. This is a picture of the actual house the story is written about. I think the girl, Dinah, is beautiful. The cover is not too busy and tells a story.

This is a new cover for Callie's Mountain. I had always envisioned Callie young and pretty with long blond hair. The mountains represent the mountains where she moved to and found "her own true love." I like this cover much better than the one on the right of my page. I always thought that Callie had a smirk and I didn't like it. This shows a much kinder Callie, one I want to be friends with.

This cover was made by my daughter, Diane Turpin. She is an award winning scrapbooker and graphic artist. With her one and only daughter leaving for college, she needed something else to do. That's a joke. She has a successful Etsy shop and is very busy from now until Christmas with orders for Christmas stockings, tablecloths and a number of other things Christmasy. She is also an artist, painting in oils and acrylics.

 I cannot tell a lot of difference in the two book covers. I do feel I have a better book cover with Callie than I did before. Give me your opinion. Leave a comment. I'm interested in knowing how you feel about covers.


  1. I love these covers. They are both beautiful and makes me want to pick up and read them.

  2. Thanks Amy. The new Callie should be out on Amazon next week. A Most Precious Gift should be out on Amazon by the first of September. I love both of them too.