Tuesday, July 15, 2014


There's nothing I like better than homemade ice cream, especially the good kind. By that I mean no eggs. I'm not a fan of raw eggs in ice cream. Because of my dislike of eggs, I came up with a recipe without eggs and it's delicious. But let me tell you some homemade ice cream stories.

I believe making homemade ice cream is a lost art. We got our ingredients Sunday afternoon for "Butterfinger Ice Cream." My hubby said on the way home it would have been cheaper to buy a couple of gallons than what we paid for all the stuff to go into it. That's all right, we only do it a few times a year, so why not splurge.

Years ago I found a recipe for Peach Ice Cream. It was very easy and no cooking. You stirred up peaches, milk, half and half, evaporated milk, sugar, salt and vanilla. Now what can be easier? It was very easy until my friend, Betty Craft, told me she had eaten 3 Musketeer Ice Cream and we ought to try it. We didn't "try" it with just our families, but invited the whole church to eat it with us. How stupid can you get?

Betty had no idea how they made it, so I was on my own. Instead of putting the candy through a blender, before the time of food processors, I just stuck 3 large bars in the ice cream canister. Yes, they froze and froze hard, but the chocolate made them okay. We all had a good laugh and my face was red, but not so red to retell the story. I did learn to put them through the blender.

We decided to make Butterfinger Ice Cream Sunday. Again my brain went on a trip. I broke up the candy and put it in the food processor, but I added too much milk and my processor was too full. Into the candy and milk, I added the sugar. Okay, so I'm not very smart, but I wanted it to mix up well. It did. All over my kitchen counter. I think my husband became upset with me and he drug out the hand processor that I use for smoothies. I wanted a little larger chunks than he did, but it turned out all right.

It only takes about thirty minutes for the ice cream to make. We covered it up and took it to church for our annual Ice Cream Supper. We brought home three teaspoon spoonfuls. The canister was almost licked clean. This ice cream has such a smooth texture and I love it. I'll share the recipe if you want it. Email me at kathycret at yahoo dot com.

I'll have to make another freezing. Granddaughter Josie loved it, so we'll have chicken and dumplings and Butterfinger Ice Cream. Yum-yum.

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