Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Sometimes we look at the calendar and say, "Where did that month go?" That's what I did this morning. Where did July go? Where did the last seven months go? Before we know it, it will be Christmas and I'm not through with summer yet.

July has been a busy month. We always raise a large garden and usually in June and July we are canning and freezing. Yes, I'm old fashioned. I love my veggies either canned or frozen. My husband put out more corn than he usually does, so we have a lot of corn. We've frozen it and given it away. There's till more in the garden.

Besides the garden, we've been busy at Mantle Rock Publishing with submissions. We received ten signed contracts this month. That's more than I ever dreamed of. One is a suspense, one a children's chapter book and a series of eight Biblical historical fiction books. The Biblical books are scattered through the next two years.

On top of the submissions, we will publish a book in a few days. I first planned to publish it in September, but I'm thinking it will come out in August. A Most Precious Gift .is a historical romance and I love it. I plan to format it today and tomorrow. I can't wait to see it in print.

Book publishing is time consuming. Everyone stays out of my office when I'm working. I've already told my husband to "Get Out!" I have to concentrate on what I'm doing. As I do more, it's easier. Now that I have several books coming out, it will be much easier to remember what I'm doing.

In a few days it will be August. It's beginning to feel like fall here in Kentucky. Today is cooler than normal, but it's a welcomed change. I love fall of the year and it looks like it will be early this year. Summer has been great. So much has happened in our family this summer, so much to look forward to in the fall.

God is so good and He knows what we need. I'm so thankful for all He does for me and for my family and friends. No one could be better to me than He is.


  1. Congrats on your success! He is so good to all of us.
    Isn't this cooler summer weather great?

  2. Yes, He is good to us. Thanks Amy for the comment. I'm loving this cooler weather, but it's supposed to go back to summer next week for us.