Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm Back

I didn't realize it had been this long since I had written my blog. Please forgive me. We have had a lot of changes at our house. 

My husband has gone to part-time work. He only works three nights a week now. I love it, but it has taken me a while to adjust. We have also been working on our basement. Our plans are to have our offices set up there and also have a family room. One we can all gather in when the family comes home. Believe me, it is a big basement.

My novel is coming along very well. It is in an edit right now. My editor and I are hoping it will be a final edit. I sent her six chapters last week and I am waiting for her to send them back to me. I have one character named Susannah and my biggest mistake is to call her Savannah, my granddaughter's name. It is so easy to type Savannah. We are both watching it now.

I hope to enter a contest with American Christian Fiction Writers. It is called the Genesis contest and is opened to unpublished writers. I have to send in the first fifteen pages for judging. Last year when I entered it, my scores were not really bad considering my length of writing and not the most knowledge around. We do go into some things blindly and that is what I did. I was excited with my scores, but I did not place in the top five. This year I hope to do better. That is one reason why my novel is being polished so much.

I'm trying to get back on track with writing, including my blog. I'm doing a self-edit right now and it does take time. I had to cut over five thousand words out before I sent it to be edited. That hurt and it takes time to get the words back in. 

Everyone have a good day. We are getting much needed rain. A good day for writing.

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