Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Yes, I am now another year older. No fanfares please, I am thankful to be alive. This past year has been great. Every year should be.

My writing has improved and I have made some wonderful friends in the writing industry. I attended two conferences and enjoyed them so much. I hope I can attend two more this year, but we will see. 

Reflecting on the previous year humbles me greatly. I have watched my grandchildren grow and I have also lost friends. One of my greatest losses was my daughter-in-law's mother. She was a precious lady and I do miss her. She was also a great Christian and raised four wonderful children. 

The grandchildren are getting taller and taller. One is already passed me and she is only twelve, I can't imagine how tall she will end up. The other three will probably be tall also since their mother is a tall lady and all of her siblings are tall. They will all be looking down at me before long. I love being with them.

This past year, my husband went to part-time work. With the economy the way it is, we were afraid to retire completely. This gives us a little extra money and he only works three nights a week. I would rather have him home, but I understand why he wants to work and he enjoys it also.

The coming year seems to be bright. For the last 25 years we have wanted to go to Scotland and we are finally getting to go. I have the tickets and passports. We are just waiting for the day to get here. I even have someone lined up to stay at our house while we are gone.

I received the latest edit last night and have not even looked at it yet. It is hard for me to show emotion in my writing. I guess I keep everything so tight inside of me that I can't let it go. Today I am going to put more emotion in my writing. It will come and I will have a much better book.

Well, this Birthday Girl has to get busy. I've already exercised some this morning and now I am ready to work. I'll do the remainder of my hour when I need to get away from the computer. That has changed this year also. We got ourselves a Wii for Christmas and then we bought a Wii Fit. It is wonderful. My Wii Age was 46 this morning. How I wish. Our preacher says that machine lies.

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