Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Busy DAy

Today has been another busy day. This morning I had an appoint for my check-up with the oral surgeon. It went very well. I still have stitches, but they will dissolve in a few days.

I am helping a friend direct a wedding on the 18th of this month. After seeing the oral surgeon, my daughter and I went shopping. I needed a pair of nice dress shoes, black, and something nice to wear to the wedding. We hit the jackpot. The shoes are so comfortable and I found a nice shirt and sweater to wear to the wedding and through the rest of the summer, the fall and winter. I came away a happy camper.

Today I found I am now a part of Examiner.com. I am the Nashville Quilting Examiner. Quilting has always been something I enjoyed to do and I am looking forward to see the how's and what's of the quilting world. Please check this out and leave a comment. I am excited about my first article.

Now, I have to get to work. I haven't touched Callie in over a week, so I must get busy. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. I love quilts. Have dabbled in making a couple but never seem to finish them. Good luck with yours.