Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's not raining today!

If you read yesterday's post, you know we attended a funeral yesterday. It rained all day. Aren't funerals always sadder in the rain? There were so many people there. We waited in line for about 30-45 minutes, but it was worth it to tell the family how much we loved them. It was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady.

Back to reality today. Our house has been shown, but so far no offers. Today I am going to get it in better shape. I may have to go out and drum up some boxes. We have filled all of ours.

The realtor called at four o'clock Monday that someone wanted to see it at five. I had not felt good in so long, but I jumped up and between us, we got it in some shape. Don't open any drawers, they are full of everything. I did get it in better shape yesterday.

I have worked on my manuscript. Editing is a lonely job, but I must get it finished. I feel at times that my story droops. I have to keep it interesting and exciting. This is a challenge of writing.

My day will be spent today in packing, going again to the doctor and writing. Probably in that order. I want to feel better. I want to get packed and I want to write. Oh, the days of a writer.

Structure is one thing a writer has to have. Right now, mine has tumbled. The pieces need to be picked up and made right again.

Today is starting out as a beautiful day. I see sun streaking through the clouds. The trees are beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow. The evergreens are a lush green, so enjoyment is in store. I'm going to try to get a picture of my view to post tomorrow.

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