Friday, October 9, 2009

Still Packing

Moving is like writing a book. You think you are about through and then you find more things to pack. It's the same with writing. You think you're finished with your book and then you find out you're not as good as you think you were and you start all over again.

This happens a lot with me, in both areas. We have had a lot of side-steps in moving. We were going to have an auction to sell our personal items, antiques, junk, etc. The auctioneer thought we did not have enough to do a good sale, so that was off. Another auctioneer has not returned our call to set a date to come see what we have. So another side-step, not a step back. I can always have a yard sale, which I will probably do.

When I think I am doing so good with my writing, then I find I have more to do, or more to learn, and that is another side-step. The one thing I hate to do is proposals. I will play games all day long instead of getting it over. It is a necessary evil and I have to buckle down and get it done. That is my dilemma for today. I must get it finished.

The proposal is blocked out, but needs a little fine tuning. I even have a multi-published author who will read it. I need to get it finished. So, here I am with my second cup of coffee, with chocolate-caramel creamer, and doing everything except what I need to do most.

Okay, today is the day! I will get that proposal finished!


  1. It's great to be retired, (I am finally getting used to it)and have the time to do what you want to. Time did I say, what time??? LOL It seems there is less time now than when I was on the run working. I used to be a great time manager, had to be for work. Now, time gets lost somewhere in space. BUT, my dear friend...what I am trying to say is, Enjoy the moment. Have your delicious coffee...I can almost smell it! Watch the squirrels, deer and birds..Breath the fresh air and when there's time, write! Lots of hugs xxxooo

  2. Thanks Crystal. I have not been on the blog much. I have been sick! Dr. Amy gave me two shots and an antibiotic. I am starting to improve, Jerry is getting it now.