Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Continued Interview With Sandi Rog

We're going to learn a little more about Sandi Rog today. She will be having a biopsy soon to see what is in her head. Continue to keep her in your prayers.

First, I’m sure our readers would like to know, who is Sandi Rog and why does she like to write Inspirational Fiction?

Hi, there! It's great to be here, Katt. Thank you for having me. I'm originally from Colorado but spent thirteen years in my husband's homeland of Holland where three of my children were born. We have a fourth child who was born here (we're back in the States now). We got her a little t-shirt that says BORN IN AMERICA. It was special because she was the only one of all my kids born here.

I didn't grow up in the church, and after I became a Christian at 16, I decided it was time to clean up my reading. So, I started reading Christian Fiction. Well, I never thoroughly enjoyed reading Inspirational Fiction; it was boring and preachy. But I kept trying. Finally, after a "traumatic experience" with a fiction novel, I vowed to never read it again. While in Holland, I purchased a 500+ page Inspirational novel during a short visit to the States (this was before we could buy books on Internet; wow, makes me feel old, lol). Anyway, I brought it back with me to Holland and devoured it, desperate for something in English that was trustworthy. Well, after wading through sermon after sermon and boring description after boring description, the story finally got moving in the LAST CHAPTER! It was then that I found out it was a SEQUEL (I had no way to get back to the States to buy the next books; not that I really wanted to)! I literally threw the book across the room and vowed to never read Inspirational Fiction again. That's when I decided to write what I wanted to read. So . . . that's why I like to write Inspirational Fiction. Sounds negative, I know. But it's true.

Since then, I've come across MANY wonderful authors and stories. The Inspirational market has improved tremendously! It appears I wasn't the only one who wanted "more."

When did you first discover you wanted to be a writer?

See the story above. :-) But I'll also add . . .

I didn't always want to be a writer. I had other plans. Like becoming an actress or a singer. Once I hit college, I decided acting and singing weren’t for me. But there was always one constant: writing. When I was in fifth grade, I wrote a poem that an adult didn’t believe I wrote. I was shocked by his accusation because I had indeed written the poem all by myself. At the time, I didn’t realize his accusation was a compliment. I also wrote some short stories for a project in Junior High. The teacher thought one of my stories was true and shared with the class how important it is that we “write what we know.” I destroyed her point when I announced that the story was actually fiction. I don’t think she was too happy with me after that. However, by this time I was old enough to see the compliment. In high school, after convincing my mom that the 17 absences I had in English were a computer glitch (I still had an "A"), you'd think I would have realized I had a knack for words and for "telling stories."

Thanks Sandi, and we'll learn more about you Friday.


  1. I love this interview! Great job, Katt. And Sandi, you're a natural story teller, all right. heehee
    Fasting and praying today for you for a good report from the doctor.

  2. Love the interview. Holland. So much we don't know about each other! It's so much fun to learn. Sandi, I've been praying for you and continue. God Bless you!
    Love ya,
    Debbie Lynne

  3. What a story! I have run across the same thing in "Christian Fiction". Just too blah. Now I have found some good authors. I am sure you will become a favorite once I have read your book. Pat

  4. Hi Katt,

    Thanks for the interview with Sandi.
    She has been my friend for so many years that I can't remember when we first met. I have had the fun of visiting her and her precious family in Holland many times before they returned to the US. She is a great Christian Warrior, as is her husband.
    The Master's Wall is a great book and definitely not a simple blah story. It will keep you on the edge of your seat or unable to put it down and go to bed.
    I appreciate you giving Sandi a voice. That is one thing we can do for her as she battles illness.
    Don't put me in the book draw as I already have a copy.
    A J Hawke

  5. I didn't come into Christian novels (except for mysteries) until 2008. So I've loved most all of them! What a hoot in how you decided to write, though!
    Will be praying for your biopsy.
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  6. Thanks everyone. I know Sandi will appreciate seeing all this.