Friday, November 5, 2010

Sandi Rog and The Master's Wall 3

We are going to continue our interview with Sandi Rog. She is still in the hospital and so far that is all I know. I pray we will hear something soon and that it will be good news. Well, here goes again.

  Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters.

There's a piece of myself in all my characters. Even the bad guys. My bad guy in this story (the grandfather) is a bit insane and arrogant. E-hem. I'm ashamed to say I see a little of myself in him as well! Aaack! Better work on that. I also see myself in David. He's hot tempered, but has a passion to please God. Yep, that's me. Then there's Alethea. She's carefree and foolish, but at the same time shrewd, especially when it comes to protecting her own hide. Yes, that's me, too. :-)

  What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?

One morning I climbed out of bed to take my two-year-old to preschool. This took place when we lived in Holland, by the way. So, I fed her, got her dressed and loaded her on the bike (we rode bikes, not cars out there). I dropped her off, and right across the street was the grocery store. There were some items I needed, so I decided to head on over there. Because it was so close, I decided to walk.

I crossed the street, pushing my bike, and then I went into the store. As I walked along, a man looked at me, looked away, then looked at me again. Surely, my hair and clothes weren't in that bad of shape. Yes, I'd just crawled out of bed, or felt like I had, but there was no call for anyone to take extra notice—or so I thought. Another couple walked by and gave me a strange look. Well, maybe I did look pretty bad. Finally, one woman's eyes darted downward and rested on me, or whatever it was she saw, so I also looked down. To my surprise, I was still pushing my bike! I'd walked my bike into the grocery store.

I chuckled and managed to get the words out in Dutch, "I'm not awake yet." I think it was my first official joke in Dutch. The woman laughed, so it must have worked. Well, I managed to get the bike turned around and parked it outside where it belonged. After that, I was wide awake.

As you can see by these questions that Sandi is a lot of fun and laughs at her own mistakes.


  1. Oh Sandi, how funny. Guess we all do funny things when our minds are elsewhere. Good to hear how you identify with your characters. So looking forward to reading your book. Pat Chandler

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  3. I love the story about Sandi taking her bike into the store. Looking forward to reading The Master's Wall.
    And praying for healing for her.
    carol brazle