Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sandi Rog and The Master's Wall, 5

We have one more interview after today. Sandi is doing as well as could be expected. She is very tired with the chemo and steroids. The lymphoma is T-Cell. Sandi told me that last night. If you heard A-Cell, it's wrong. It is T-Cell. I have been impressed with her acceptance of this and how she is encouraging me as I try to deal with it. This shows how strong her faith is.

I hope you have enjoyed these little tidbits of the interview. I want you to realize what a wonderful person Sandi is.

I'm having trouble pasting the interview into my blog. My computer has a mind of it's own sometimes.

Let me try to tell you a little from the interview. I hate to do this, but when the computer does not cooperate, you have to try something new.

Things I know about Sandi.
1. She is not a plotter. She lets her characters speak for themselves.She likes them to tell her what they want to do.
2. Her writing time gets interrupted a lot with a three year old. She has to be mommy and put her writing aside sometimes.
3. She is quirky and fun to be with. She has a marvelous sense of humor and has never seen a stranger. On the other side, she can be very serious.
4. She loves hearing from people. Her web sites are : and She may not be able to answer you right now, but she is amazed how much people care about her.
5. She has a deep faith in God. This shows in her attitude toward this horrible disease.
6. She is an encourager. For me especially, she has encouraged me in my writing and in my private life more than anyone will ever know.
7. She looks forward. Not only does she look forward to her earthly home, but to her heavenly one also.
8. She likes Indian food. That's from the country India.
9. Her biggest weakness is self-doubt.
10. She is a praying person. She prays about everything, her writing, her friends, her family. We are to pray without ceasing and she does.
11. I meant to write ten, but I have to put this in. She is the best friend anyone could have.


  1. I hope everyone is also reading the posts. Sandi is home, but cannot be around anyone who is sick or who has been around anyone who is sick. There was no cancer in her bone marrow. They apparently found the cancer in time. She will read the comments when she feels better. Thank you all for your prayers, the the journey is not over. Continue to remember her.

  2. Katt, what a lovely letter about your friend. She is pretty amazing. So glad to hear she was able to come home. In love, Pat

  3. So glad to hear she is home!! martha(at)lclink(dot)com